Roads To North Sumatera

Lake Toba and Samosir Island. Lake Toba is probably the top of Roads To North Sumatera, this place became a significant icon amid the accelerated flow of local and foreign tourism. Initially, Lake Toba was shaped because of the broadest and largest volcanological process in the world. The pure beauty in Lake Toba is very beautiful and amazing. With a very cool setting due to the gentle breeze, along with the dramatic panorama of the mountains and green hills, Lake Toba supplies a spirit of spirit and a livelihood for the surrounding communities that are blessed.

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With Samosir Island in the middle, Lake Toba and Samosir Island tour deals are full tour deals because while enjoying the pure beauty You can add insight by learning the story of the Batak tribe on Samosir Island. Do not miss the Sigale gale puppet show on Samosir Island, besides that You may also learn the rest of the megalithic age on Samosir Island. Panas Dolok Tinggi Raja. Panas Dolok Tinggi Raja is located in Dolok Tinggi Raja Village, Silau Kahean District, which will be in the far end of Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. You will probably be surprised when they see the white limestone hills flowing naturally by warm water, a mixture of white limestone and crystal clear blue flowing water providing a nirvana like view.

Regrettably the attraction for tourist that’s also known as the Raja Tinggi White Crater hasn’t been touched by adequate facilities and infrastructure. Raja Tinggi White Crater, that is based in the nature reserve covering 176 hectares and has a 4 hectare crater territory as a pearl in the sand. Cannot be trusted in the midst of a dense forest and the road to the crater that’s not too smooth there’s an incredible beauty, visitors will be fascinated by the beauty of the white limestone hill and the flow of warm water which looks like white. Hot springs which reach temperatures around 90 degrees Celsius, the king’s big white crater happens in little hills in the area.

The flow of warm water flowing between the limestone stones that are terraced, this event makes the stone become real white like snow. Many people today call it Sexy Snow. There are two areas which You can visit in this White King Crater. The first is the limestone hill whereby the flow of warm water makes these rocks become beautiful to the eyes, so there’s also the beauty of the natural rug created from the mossy river stream by which warm water makes the stone just like a whitish green rug. Above there’s also a natural pool which emits hot springs that appear bubbly from the bottom of the swimming pool, which naturally the You are banned from bathing there: P. The flow of warm water throughout the bushes of trees which dried up and gathered together formed a lake which was very turquoise.