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Critical skills Training

For Individual performance


Your success is in your hands!    Regardless of whether you are starting out in a new career, have always been dreaming about one day that you will take the jump and follow your passion or being a CEO of a large corporation, we are all human with obstacles and beliefs holding us back in life, both personally and professionally and all to often these two are closely linked.  

With our all inclusive Critical Skills training program, you have the benefit of a private coach walking the road to your success with you.  You will learn new skills, brush up on old ones and dissolve obstacles standing between you and the ultimate success that you deserve.  This life enhancing 24 week course is available either in 1 to 1 couching or via Skype from the comfort of your own home.   Contact us now for more info.



For Business performance



Your team can be young and dynamic or more formal and old-school, but regardless of their outside appearance, they are the gears in the machine of which you are the operator.  Therefore it is essential to invest in them as people and as employees to improve operations and push the profit margins.   In an unstable political and economical climate it is easy to get discouraged and negative, therefore it is even more important to be able to relay on a team of professionals, willing to go the extra mile for a company where they feel like assets and not only employees. Therefore Critical Skills training is of utmost importance in any business.  Training can be provided in either a five day workshop or for a few hours on a monthly basis.  It is your company, you control the budget and we work with you towards your success.


The outcomes to be expected:

  • Better employee cooperation
  • Better team performance
  • Better leadership
  • More reliability, more self-discipline, more perseverance
  • Employees who are inspired, motivated and loyal towards your success
  • Employees taking responsibility and accountability for their actions
  • Employees who are conscientious of their work environment and not only whom are not only there for the job, but for the opportunity it provides to a better life

The character of the people working in a company, becomes the character of the company.

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For a quick brush up


People all over the world are connected with a certain energy which flows through us all.  We all are sharing in the same dreams, fears, hopes and love.  Sharing words to support, to comfort, to enlighten are not only a privilege but also an obligation.  The passing and sharing of wisdom is an age old tradition, a tradition on which much of what we know today, has been built and is our generation’s responsibility to discuss what we know, fine tune it and add to it and then pass it on to our future generations.  In business it is the same.  Why invent something, while through the sharing of knowledge you can rather improve on the existing?  If you only need a once of assist with motivating your staff, then we are there for you too.  Contact us today for an obligation free quote.



For our Youth

See our options available under our Future Young Jnr & Snr