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About me

Liesl Saayman, owner and expert at Ataraxia brings her experience, knowledge and absolute passion to business’s to help them excel.  With a degree in languages and Psychology from Stellenbosch University, an Honours degree in language, being certified as a PRO life coach and currently being enrolled as a part-time student in Theology, she believes knowledge is power and a crucial investment towards your business’s and your own personal success.

Her extensive experience and involvement in businesses from all sizes and being involved in various aspects of running a successful business, from HR to sales and looking after key accounts as well as sourcing of new business, her experience as a coach and helping people overcome challenges in their personal lives and careers, helping businesses excel, and her passionate presentation of what all of this entails, are just part of the valuable contribution that she brings to any business or career driven employee.

Liesl works closely with her clients to co-develop tailor made solutions that will enable sustained improvements in performance.  She enjoys to build lasting relationships with her clients and find what solutions best fit their needs.  She enjoys all forms of teaching and facilitation and to bring the best forth in people and in business’s.