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 Feeling stuck in your business or career? 

Hire a coach to discover the secrets to your success



Liesl Saayman, owner of Ataraxia, is a trained and qualified life coach, focusing on career driven individuals and success driven businesses. 

She has an outcome driven approach and her coaching is recognized by it's practical applicability to everyday life of all career driven employees and success driven businesses with the hunger to succeed.   

With experience in various fields of business, from handling key accounts in large businesses to being involved in basically every aspect of the much smaller business and also running a few ventures of her own, she has knowledge and know how to share, provide new perspectives on old challenges and find practical solutions in financially unstable times.

As experienced coach, she knows the importance of a balanced life and living as complete humans.  We are all more than our careers and to achieve success in what we do, we need to be successful in who we are.  Therefore the career and corporate coaching approach that she follows, is going far beyond office hours and deep into who you really are, what are your values, what makes you motivated and what you are passionate about. 

If the stretch between Monday and Friday seems like a weekly sentence and you are inspired to be more, feel more and become familiar with the feeling of success, passion and motivation, then you are at the right place. 


See our variety of solutions available or contact us to discuss your specific needs.  Click on the contact page and change the landscape of your business and your career.

Why wait any longer to be freed and inspired?